Introduction for Sellers (Vendors and Brands)

Raising, managing, fulfilling, and distributing B2B orders can be unnecessarily complex - That’s why we designed OrderCircle to make selling to other businesses as easy as possible. We make all the aspects of creating, managing, fulfilling, and paying for orders into a simple, painless process.


Here at OrderCircle, we want you to get the most out of the application. That's why we’ve put together a comprehensive support system and knowledge base to give you easy access to all the information you need. This set of guides is aimed at businesses selling goods and fulfilling orders via OrderCircle (vendors and brands). If you’re buying goods or raising orders (retailer), you can find dedicated guides here. <link>


Here’s what we cover:



  • Logging into OrderCircle.

  • Dashboard - An overview of your business.

  • Common features - Navigation list, searching orders and customers, and the admin menu.

  • Referrals - Get rewarded for referring other people to OrderCircle.



  • Order list - An overview of your orders.

  • Creating orders - Purchase orders.

  • Making changes to orders.

  • Changing the status of your orders - Approval, shipping, and billing.

  • Taking payment for orders and invoicing.

  • Exporting orders - Getting your data into a CSV.



  • Customer list - An overview of your customers.

  • Managing customers - Amending customer details.

  • Adding customers - How to add a new customer.



  • Staff list - An overview of your staff.

  • Managing your staff - adding to and editing your staff details.

  • Commissions - Details on rates and commissions your staff have earned.

  • Permissions - User roles for your staff.



  • Category list - An overview of your categories.

  • Editing and adding categories - Making changes to categories and adding new ones.

  • Item list - An overview of your items.

  • Managing items - Adding and editing items.

  • Exporting and importing items - Getting your data into a CSV.



  • Understanding and managing payouts.



  • Brand settings - The details of your B2B selling business.

  • Price tiers - Managing discounts for customers.

  • Payments - The different ways you can accept payments.

  • My settings - Administration settings.



  • Quickbooks - Integrating with Quickbooks for accounting.

  • ShipStation - Integrating with ShipStation for tracking shipments.

  • Shopify - Integrating with Shopify for e-commerce.


We’ve designed all of our guides to be simple and easy to understand. If you still have any questions about OrderCircle, please do get in touch. <link>

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