Order List

Order list - View and edit your orders

Under the “Order” menu, you’ll find “Order list.” Clicking on that will bring up this screen.




You can use the screen as follows:

  • Search Bar - Typing an order number in the box will bring up the relevant order.

  • Order status - This dropdown list lets you view orders with a particular status. Very useful for seeing what actions you still need to take on orders. The various statuses are:

    • Pending - You need to approve the order.

    • Approved - You’ve approved the order and still need to fulfill it.

    • Partially shipped - You’ve shipped some of the items on the order but still need to complete it.

    • Fully shipped - You’ve shipped all the items on the order, but haven’t yet received payment.

    • Paid in full - You’ve shipped and been paid for the order, the order is complete.

  • Create a new order - Use this button to create an order on behalf of a customer (if they don’t want to enter the order details themselves)


Table columns and information

The columns in the order table contain the following:

  • Order reference number - The unique reference number for the order - Click this to see the details of the order. <link to order details FAQ section>

  • Customer - Which customer placed the order with you. Click this to get a summary of the customer. <Link to customer FAQ article>

  • Total amount - The total value of the order.

  • Payment date - See when payments are due and chase late payments.

  • Amount paid - Details of any payment you’ve received for the order.

  • Ship by date - When the customer wants the items shipped.

  • Status - The status of the order; see above for a list of statuses.

  • Date of order - When the order was originally submitted.

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If you need any help with OrderCircle, please review the other areas of our knowledge base <link> or contact our support team.


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