Creating an Order

Creating an Order

Under the “Order” menu, you’ll find “Create Order.” You can use “Create Order” when a customer doesn’t want (or doesn’t have time) to log into OrderCircle themselves to create an order.


For example, they might be calling you when they’re away from a computer and can’t access the app, or they just want to send a quick email that says “Send me x of this item.” More traditional retailers might just post or fax you a purchase order, and you’ll need to input the information manually.


Whatever the reason, “Create Order” lets you build an order and add items on your customer’s behalf, resulting in a better service to them. When you click on “Create Order,” you’ll see this screen:




Simply search for the name of the customer you want to create the order for from the search bar and click “Next.” That will bring you to this screen:



  1. At the top, you’ll see:

    • The company name.

    • The customer contact name.

    • The pricing tier - Discount this company gets when ordering products.

  2. Check that all of these are correct.

  3. To the right, you’ll see:

    • The shipping due date - When you’re planning to send the products out.

    • The payment due date - When you expect to be paid for this order.

    • Set these to the correct values.

  4. Below the top section is the heart of the order - The various items your customer requires.

  5. Use the dynamic search box to find the right items by name or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit - A unique reference number).

  6. As you type, a popup box will appear with all of the items relating to what you’re typing.

  7. Click on the item in the popup box, and it will be added to the order.

  8. Once you’ve added all the items, you’ll see them in the item list.

  9. In the item list, you’ll see:

    • The name of the item.

    • The unique reference - SKU.

    • The manufacturer’s recommended selling price (MRSP).

    • The wholesale price (normally MRSP minus discount).

    • The quantity in stock and the quantity the customer wants.

  10. Update the quantity to reflect how many items the customer has asked for.

  11. Next, you can apply any additional discount (e.g. special offers, loyalty discounts etc.). Clicking the link lets you apply either a fixed amount or a percentage discount.

  12. You may want to add shipping costs to the order - Just click “Add shipping” and choose the amount.

  13. Below the “Products” section you can choose the billing / invoice address and the shipping address. Clicking on either of the two links will create some popup fields that let you add new addresses.

  14. Set the correct billing and shipping addresses.

  15. Below the addresses, there are options to add notes:

    • Customer notes are notes that will be visible to your customer when they view the order.

    • Staff notes are notes that are just visible to you and your team.

  16. Finally on the page, there’s a “Customer PO #” field - Use this to enter the purchase order number or any other unique reference that will identify the order for your customer.

  17. Once you’ve filled everything in, check that it’s all correct, and click “Next.”

  18. The next screen will show you a summary of the order. Check through everything to make sure it’s correct.

  19. If it’s not correct, click “Previous” to go back to the last screen and make amends.

  20. If it is correct, click “Create Order” - This will enter the order into your system, awaiting your approval.


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