Common features

Common features - Navigation menu, searching orders and customers, and the admin menu.


Every screen on OrderCircle has some common features including navigation to every part of the app, the ability to search orders and customers, and an admin menu.


The navigation menu


On the left side of every screen, you’ll see the navigation menu. Most of the navigation items have “down arrows,” if you click on those items, the navigation menu will open up and give you more options.


Spend some time using the navigation menu and learn to get around the app quickly and easily.


Search and admin




The top right of each screen has a search box and an admin menu.


Search box - You can enter customer names and order numbers into the search box to quickly jump to any customer or order.


Admin menu - Clicking the “Admin” menu gives you several options:

  • Get help - Clicking this will open an email to our support team. Just enter the relevant information to get fast, easy support for any issues or problems.

  • Suggest features - Would you like to see new features and functionality added to OrderCircle? Select this to tell us about it. You’ll be taken to our features app where you can request new features and vote on functions others have suggested.

  • Log out - Securely log out of the OrderCircle app.


What’s in the navigation menu?

You’ll find the following options under each navigation menu item - Click on the links below to find out more about each screen: <link each area to the relevant FAQ article>



  • Order List - A list of all the orders you’ve received.

  • Create Order - Create orders on behalf of your customers (e.g. from a purchase order).

  • Export Orders - Export all of your orders in a CSV format.



  • Customer List - A list of customer together with contact details and revenue.

  • Add Customer - Add a new customer to your list.



  • Staff List - A list of your staff together with contact details and commission information.

  • Add Staff Member - Add a staff member to your business.

  • Commissions - Set commission rates and find out how much commission is due for your staff.

  • Permissions - Set what your staff are allowed to do in the OrderCircle app.



  • Category List - Categories allow you to group items together.

  • Add Category - Add a new category to OrderCircle.



  • Item list - A list of all the items your customers can order, with links to manage your items.

  • Add item - Add a new item to OrderCircle.

  • Export / import products - Export and import item information in CSV format.


Pay outs

  • Money that’s due to you from orders your customers have paid for.



  • Brand Settings - Update and edit the settings for your vendor business.

  • Price Tiers - Set different price tiers that you can apply as discounts to retail prices.

  • Payments - Accept payments via OrderCircle payments, PayPal, and

  • My Settings - Update your personal settings for OrderCircle including your password.



  • Integrate with Quickbooks - Sync with online accounting in Quickbooks

  • Integrate with ShipStation - Sync with ShipStation’s shipping software.

  • Integrate with Shopify - Sync with your ecommerce store on Shopify.

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If you need any help with OrderCircle, please review the other areas of our knowledge base <link> or contact our support team.

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