Knowledge Base for Buyers (Retailers)

Ordering items to sell from another business doesn’t need to be complicated. At OrderCircle, we give buyers and sellers an effective platform to make ordering and receiving goods as simple as possible. Ordering from a brand should be as easy as ordering from Amazon.


As a buyer (retailer), we want you to get the most out of the application. That's why we’ve put together a comprehensive support system and knowledge base to give you easy access to all the information you need. This set of guides is aimed at businesses buying goods and fulfilling orders via OrderCircle. If you’re selling goods or fulfilling orders (vendors and brands), you can find dedicated guides here. <link>


Here’s what we cover:

  • Logging into OrderCircle.

  • Shop - Finding and ordering items.

  • Orders - Creating an order.

  • Orders - Editing and managing orders.

  • Invoices - Viewing your invoices.

  • Settings - Changing your account, billing, and shipping details.

  • Payments - Entering your payment information.


We’ve designed all of our guides to be simple and easy to understand. If you still have any questions about OrderCircle, please do get in touch. <link>

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